As you may have already seen we have changed the names of our classes this year. We also have some new class teachers.
Miss Barron left us in July, moving on to Chopwell Primary and Mrs Bell is now spending time at home with her new puppy.
If we you wish to find out more about the new classes click on the class page from the main menu
This consists of 2 classes:- Nursery, with Mrs Nesbitt ( a new staff member) and Mrs Kerridge and Class GD ( Grace Darling) a Reception/Year 1 class with Mrs Whitfield, Ms Simpson and Mrs Newbegin
Class SG ( Saint George) a Year 1/2 class with Mrs Burrell and Mrs Ward
Class FN (Florence Nightingale) a Year 2/3 class with Mrs Coates and Mrs Scott
Class MLK ( Martin Luther King) a Year 3/4/5 class with Mrs Wang ( a new staff member)
Class TY ( Thomas Young) a Year 5/6 class with Mr Cradock

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