Not just photographs from Mrs Barron and Mr Cradock tonight… they sent a blow by blow diary of the day!
Dragon quest.JPG
Dragon quest 2.JPG
DRAGON QUEST 1 and 2- Straight after breakfast, we had to put our puzzle heads on to solve the ‘Dragon’s quest’. This involved good thinking and communication.
Dragon quest 3.JPG
DRAGON QUEST 3 – we all tried really hard to pull the sword from the stone but it turns out none of us are worth enough as knights and ladies.
CAVING – we all found our way out – didn’t lose anyone!
ABSAILING – Everyone was great. They listened to the advice and have been told to look for a local club to get involved in.
Olivers favourite towel.JPG
OLIVERS FAVOURITE TOWEL – tell Roger I am sorry as could not persuade him to give the towel to the girls, hopefully he is not bringing it home!
Piranha pool.JPG
PIRANHA POOL – another problem solving task with a twist. You have to get out in time before the piranha’s need feeding otherwise you may get nipped. As you can see we all survived!
Archery Martin.JPG
ARCHERY MARTIN – one of the best shots of the evening. Kept his eye on the target.
Giant Swing.JPG
GIANT SWING – completed in the dark so hoping the video footage will come out well.

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