How exciting is this?
If it says it on the door, it must be true!
We are in for a fantastic year, one in which you will be asked to share your ideas about our school and your aspirations for the next chapter in it’s life!
One of the things we’ll be doing is to revamp our website. We’d love it to be an extension of our school day where you can show friends and family at home what you’ve been up to.
Perhaps you’ve already got some ideas about what the website should offer?
Why not talk at home about what you would like to suggest and leave a comment underneath to let me and others see you fab ideas!
Come on, don’t just sit there… get typing!
Mr Firth
P.S. Remember, when leaving a comment don’t be put off by the e-mail and URL box. Just put in the e-mail box and leave the URL box empty.

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