Children in TY have been writing their own reviews of the time they spent at Robinwood.
This is what Adam had to say:-

High Spen at Robinwood 2011
Robinwood is a jammed packed activity trip and you’re there for 3 days. Some of these activities are better than TV! When I was there, I discovered that I was great at rock climbing, riddles and screaming.
First we were dropped off half way, then we walked to Barghaugh Hall, Alston. It may have been a long walk but there were plenty of games to play. It was worth the walk because we started all the activities straight away. The first activity was the Obstacle Course which was very muddy and the Trapeze which was not that scary and that was all before a delicious tea. Then the last thing we did was a Team Challenge.
I would recommend Robinwood to any body. As you have heard it has amazing activities but when you get there its better than you ever imagine. I hope after you read this you definitely want to go next time. Don’t miss this opportunity; you may never have this chance again.
Bye Adam

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