Beamish Wild.JPGIn September last year FWD went to Beamish Wild to learn more about birds of prey for their school project.
At Beamish Wild FWD were helped by Jamie a member of the Beamish Wild staff. He answered a lot of the class’s questions. The group then saw a bird show which included golden eagles, black kites, peregrine falcons and even owls. While learning about those fantastic birds there was a wedding on and one of the birds went and grabbed the tiara of the bride class FWD has a good giggle about that!
The class was allowed to hold the birds. They also cut up chicks for the peregrine falcons dinner. Then it was lunchtime. Then FWD sat down for lunch and were invaded by chickens climbing up and pecking at their bread and crisps while wasps swarmed around chocolate, fruit and pepperoni.
Elena Jackson said, “Beamish Wild was adventurous and it was interesting seeing different sort of birds.” While Leon McDonald said Beamish Wild was ‘really exciting’ and he wasn’t scared about the birds flying over his head and almost clawing it.
It wasn’t all about birds the class also got to go on zip wires, wobbly bridges and even tree swings.
Jaya Cornish-Frazier

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