Mr Firth

Favourite things

Mr Firth’s favourite car is a Toyota. Mr Firth’s favourite food is a curry. N.U.F.C is Mr Firth’s favourite football team. Mr Firth likes to play table tennis in his spare time. Mr Firth’s favourite TV programme is Match of the Day. Madness is Mr Firth’s favourite band.

School life

Nursery is Mr Firth’s favourite year group. If Mr Firth was not a teacher he would be a country warden.


Mr Firth is married and has two children called Tom and Hannah. Mr Firth enjoys playing in the garden at home with his family. Mr Firth has no pets at home.

Amazing fact

Mr Firth has talked to the Queen.

Staff and Kids’ Comments

Joe thinks that: Mr Firth is very funny and a good head teacher.

Mrs Burrell said that she thinks Mr Firth is a breath of fresh air.

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