Class FWD stands for Frederick William Dobson. This very special man was awarded the Victoria Cross (VC) for saving the lives of others during World War One and he came from our village, High Spen.

At the moment there are 26 pupils in our class – 13 girls and 13 boys. This makes us unique because we are the only class in school to have exactly half girls and half boys! However this is all set to change as rumour has it we will be getting two new recruits. Watch this space!

Our teacher is Miss Barron who is also the Deputy Head. Ms Winston also works in our class and for one term only Miss Hincks will be joining us.

We have lots of very responsible children in our class. Just look at the range of jobs we have: 

  • School councillors – Mary and Toby
  • Deputy School councillors – Anna and Matthew
  • Eco-warriors – Shamus, Harry, Christopher, Jack          
  • Playground buddies – Anna, Mary, Daisy, Emily, Amy C, Amy G, Courtney, Nicole, Elena, Jaya
  • Tuck shoppers – Daisy, Shamus, Jake, Neave, Joe, Amy C, Harry, Leon, Jack, Beth
  • Press packers  – Jaya, Anna, Melissa, Elena, Jack, Neave

This year we have been studying some pretty amazing topics: Red Kites, Henry VIII, Tudor Life, Antarctica and the Olympics.

Our class has also been involved in the Red Kite Sensations Project with local artist, James Searle. As part of this we have been on visits to Beamish Wild and Chopwell Woods, made kites and nests, explored journeys made by ourselves and birds. Oh yeah – and interviewed many different people from many different walks of life.


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