these little elves love to recycle!

Hello and welcome to our Class.

We are GD, which stands for Grace Darling and we are Reception children. We make up the Foundation Stage with Nursery. There are 22 of us in total and we are all very good friends.

Our teachers are Mrs Whitfield and Mrs Burrell and our Classroom Assistants are Mrs Newbegin, Mrs Fodden and Mrs Kerridge.

Look how smartly we can line up


This term we are learning about the different jobs people have. We have a vets in our role play area and each week we learn about a different job.

We have a wonderful outdoor area which we share with the Nursery children and we spend a lot of time learning outside.

In our class we take a lot of pictures, so please keep checking our page!

we learn how to be kind in our SEALs lessons

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