Class T.Y. have been learning about worship in R.E. We asked a Church of England vicar, a Catholic priest and a Methodist minister to come into school for an interview. Unfortunately, the minister and the priest were busy but lovely Father John from St. Patrick’s church was able to join us all.

Before the event I asked my class mates how they were feeling about the visit. They said things such as ‘I feel exited, yet curious!’ On Monday 1st October, Father John came in for the interview and we asked him all sorts of questions such as ‘How do you feel about other religions?’, ‘What made you choose Christianity as your religion?’ and ‘How long have you been a vicar?’ His answers were very in-depth and interesting.

So we all had a fun time and learned a lot of different things about Father John’s life as a vicar. We hope that the priest and minister may join us soon.


Jack Redhead – Press Pack

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