Wow! What a sight, teachers in pyjamas, kids in pyjamas. The best thing was that some people even had face paint on. What could have been going on at High Spen Primary, on the 16th November?!

Of course it was our Children in Need Day! What a great day. The lovely kitchen staff made spotty cupcakes with Pudsey on top, which we all enjoyed. There were raffle prizes of Pudsey cakes, bears, ears and wristbands. All this raised money for a very good cause, in total we raised £223.

Everybody had a marvelous time and maybe Mr Firth will consider letting us come to school in our pyjamas all of the time!



ABOUT CHILDREN IN NEED: The BBC in 1980 set up the Children in Need Charity that has raised over £600 million.  Money raised goes towards helping disabled children and young people in the UK.  Every November the BBC donate one evening to the telethon to raise the awareness using Pudsey bear as the  mascot. Terry Wogan hosts the program and celebrities appear throughout to entertain and appeal for money, this is mixed with updates  of how the previous years money has been used.  Viewers are kept up to date with the total being constantly announced.  Before the telethon starts BBC radio 2 hosts 4 days of fund raising that ends as the telethon begins.
Money is raised by individuals and businesses who do various fund raising activities or benefits in kind such as offering bank services, telephone lines etc.
The success of this charity is all thanks to the generosity of everybody involved including our school.

Amy Giles – PRESS PACK

Amy Giles

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