Monday saw the start of the healthy eating award in school where children who eat two portions of vegetables a day get a tick. All those ticks will be counted up after four weeks and those children who manage to score 18-20 ticks will be awarded a tuck shop voucher. What’s not to like about that ;-)Fruit and vegetables are full of good stuff which keeps us feeling fit and healthy.

Here are some interesting facts about fruit and vegetables you might like to test your Mums and Dads on.


Did you know carrots used to be purple?

Well they did, until the sixteenth century when farmers in Holland started to plant orange crops in honour of the Dutch hero, William of Orange.


Did you know?

Kiwi fruits have as much vitamin C in them as oranges.


Eruptions in the kitchen?

Onions make you cry because there’s something in them that irritates tear ducts. In fact, it’s the same thing that’s produced by volcanoes when they erupt. But don’t worry, onions don’t erupt, so they’re perfectly safe to eat.

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