Emily and Beth from the Press Pack have been having a good think about what would be good gift ideas for Santa to deliver this year. They have come up with a few suggestions which you can read all about below.

1. iPod Touch – the greatest gift ever because you can play games on it, download music and much more.

2. XBox 3 Connect – this is a great gift because you can play games with other people not in your home on this such as Fifa 13 and the Connect Adventures game which comes with it.

3. 3DS – you can play games on the 3DS such as Dogz and Catz

4. Scooter – this is a great gift because not only can you ride it to school, but you can play with it at home and you can go to the park on it. Plus if it is a ‘stunt’ scooter you can even do jumps on it as well at the park.

5. Moxie Girls – you can dress these up in different clothes, mix and match, plus because they have hair you can brush it how you like.


Emily McGuire and Beth Hunt – PRESS PACK

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