On the 27th of November, the whole of High Spen Primary School traveled to the Theatre Royal in Newcastle to watch a pantomime ‘Aladdin’. The pantomime was set in China with a ballistic empress of not just China, but Wall’s End as well.

The story is about a boy called Aladdin who wants to marry Princess Jasmine but he and his father were too poor. An evil man named Abanaza wanted a magic lamp containing a genie which would grant you three wishes from a location called The Cave of Wonders. Abanaza also possesses a magical ring and when you turn the ring around the slave of the ring came to his assistance. In the end, Aladdin was rich and married Princess Jasmine!

This was an astounding performance which was enjoyed by all.  “I really enjoyed it because I liked it when they did Gangnam style!” commented Joe Walton From TY.


Anna Teasdale and Beth Hunt – PRESS PACK

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