At High Spen Primary School children are being encouraged to use the school website more. In order to do this, a group has been created called Blog Buddies.

They are a group of year 5/6 children who meet to learn the steps needed to upload information. Once confident, they will support the rest of the school to upload comments and ideas.

Pupils, teachers and the headmaster all have different views, it is important that they have the chance to share them.

Joe, a Blog Buddy, thinks ‘It will be fun helping others put things on the website’. Mrs Wang says ‘It’s a great idea because children can learn and older children can spend more time with younger children showing them how to put things on the website’. Mr Firth says ‘It’s a real push to help anyone in school get stuff on the website. Meaning there is more information on the website so children can go home and show their family’.


Jack Redhead – PRESS PACK

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