The film starts with Johnny English retired in Tibet and he is in disgrace in MI-7 after a failed mission in Mozambique. Out of the blue, he is sent for by MI-7 to stop Vortex. Vortex are skilled assassins that are planning to kill the Chinese prime minister. Johnny English goes on a wild goose chase with rookie Agent Tucker. He has a lot of hi-tech gadgets that never seem to work properly for him! There is a killer cleaner who keeps trying to kill him. The story is a bit like a spy story but with lots of funny bits added to it to make it a comedy.

The stars

  • Rowan ATKINSON is Johnny English (The actor who played Mr Bean)
  • Daniel KALUUYA is Agent Rucker
  • Gillian ANDERSON is the head of MI-7
  • Pik Sen Lim is the killer cleaner


Best bits

When he trying to sneak in to stop the prime minister being killed, he lets off a flare by accident, and everyone in the place now knows where he is!

Fave characters

Johnny English.

Agent Tucker who helps Johnny English.

The mad killer cleaner.

Any weak bits?


Hit or miss

Hit for definite! I would give it 5 out of 5. I loved it! My whole family loved it too.


Elena Jackson – PRESS PACK



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