Hi everyone in High Spen!

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas,and I am wishing you all Happy New Year!

Well my new school is called Christ Church,and I settling in well,I am in class 12,my teacher is called Miss hunt.
Nyle’s teacher is Miss Simpson,he is in class 5.
We had a a christmas play and I was luckey to get a part!I played Goldilocks.Nyle was a innkeeper.

When we had our Christmas party, there was a talent show.It was like High Spens Got Talent. I enterd the competion and I sang to my amazement I won!!!
Nyle and I start school on Tuesday, hope ypur first day back is fun!

Missing you all very much. Even the teachers lol and not forgeting you Mr Firth 🙂 Speak to you all soon.
Love Neave and Nyle Bryers. xx 🙂

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