You’re a Bad Man Mr Gum is a great book for readers who like the humourous side of reading. You can gasp as Mr Gum tries to poison a massive whopper of a dog to death just as you can giggle as Friday O’Leary plays a song he had written himself called ‘He was playing a song he had written himself,’ which was all about a how he was playing a song he had written himself. (He has also written a song called ‘But he wasn’t playing that at the moment,’ but he wasn’t playing that at the moment.)

Join some of the best loved characters such as Polly, Mr Gum, an angry fairy that lives in his bath tub, Jake the Dog, Billy William the third, Friday O’Leary and many more.

What’s more, Andy Stanton, the author of You’re a Bad Man Mr Gum, is the winner of the Roald Dahl funny prize. Also David Tazzyman’s illustrations perfectly complement the book from cover to cover. This unputdownable story is guaranteed to make your spine tingle with laughter. If you don’t burst out laughing you can take the book back for a full refund.*

This book though has mashed up the Mr Men, it has hit Harry POtter and has collapsed Captain Underpants.

Simon says it’s great, whoever Simon is. It is a yollicker, it’s a frollicker, it’s  sun-time, fun-time rollicker. So what are you waiting for? GET READING.


By Lucas Kennington

*Actually don’t bother you won’t get a full refund.

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