Fifteen brave KS2 children attended (and survived!) the first session of our after school science club.

This week we were looking at forces and in particular air resistance.  The challenge was to make a paper aeroplane which would travel the furthest. We tested out many types of paper, using different sizes of paper, using different wing shapes and adding other parts such as paper clips.

After several test flights, we were ready to see whose paper aeroplane could go the furthest. We carried out two heats:

Heat 1

1st –   Anna Teasdale

2nd – Emily Jane

3rd – Harry Munt


Heat 2

1st –   Brooke Dodds

2nd – Amelia Murphy

3rd – Sarah Gormanley / Jack Munt / Max Wade


So what did we learn?

Some of us learned how to make a paper aeroplane.

Some of us learned how to make a better aeroplane.

Some of us learned that you need to test more than once.

Some of us learned that science is all about trying out ideas!




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