On Friday 12th-16th May, TY had their Year 6 SATs. They went through a long, hard week of work, papers and a mix of other things. They each had to do a reading paper, a SPAG paper, a spelling paper and three maths papers. That’s a total of  six papers across four days. Two people even had to do two level 6 paper which were even harder. To celebrate the end of SATs, TY threw a huge party on the Friday that lasted all afternoon with a huge selection of  sweet and savoury foods and a grand selection of DJs who picked some music to play. Teachers think that no one in Year 6 could have worked harder towards their SATs and are very proud of them. The beginning of the week might not have been so nice for some people, but it got better towards the end.  Well done Year 6’s!!!  Everyone is so proud of you!!!

Year 6’s have done exeptionally well during SATs!! So well, they’ve even had a party!!!!!!

By Mark and Liam


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