We can’t celebrate the start of something so damaging as a war, but we do intend to drop in sessions to increase the awareness of children of life in and around 1914.

As mentioned previously, this Friday 11th July, children are invited to come into school dressed as children from 1914. In the morning all children will be visiting the WW1 Museum which TY have put together. This has a mixture of art work, diary writing and factual information. Younger visitors to the museum will also be taught traditional games from the period.

At lunchtime we will be sampling a 1914 school menu, before enjoying a spot of WW1 period singing from a visiting musician. Members of the DLI, Live at Home and other local residents with stories to share will be joining us for lunch or at 1pm and staying on to either be interviewed by members of TY or help with the teaching of traditional games on the yard.

The main thing is, we will not only be learning something new about life in 1914, but we will be enjoying doing so!

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