The first week back in 2015 saw us thinking about safety in our local area within the school grounds.

As part of this we worked with Ms Simpson to sketch bird’s eye view maps of our local area locating the dangers that were around us. From this we then discussed many of the possible ways of keeping us safe. This gave us the chance to find out what worried us when we played out in our local area as well as practical ways of keeping ourselves safe.

Later in the week we took a safety walk around the school building identifying key places where we needed to think about our own behaviour. We thought about what to do and what not to do recording staged photos of each of these. This then lead to creating safety posters which we hope to display around school to remind others of how to stay safe in the school grounds.

We know that as the oldest class in school we need to set the correct examples for others to follow.

We hope you like our work.

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