On Friday afternoon, TY made gruel.

These were some of the comments:

Lucas said, “Tasty! Only if I made it, it would be without as much salt.”

Mr Firth said , “Saltier than a salty lump with extra salt .”

Brooke Dodds said , “Not bad but don’t add salt !”  

Joe Horn said, ” I looked at it and was literally sick.”

Holly said, “No more frosties for me.”

Jade said, “Smells really nice like porridge but when I ate it was nice but I spat it out in the hall and  the bathroom! ”

Sarah said, “Cannot taste any more.”

Elliott said “Rank! Err! Never again!”

Enya said,” Not too bad! I’ll eat more.”

Gabrielle  said, “I actually liked it because it had alot of salt.”

Alfie said, “Just like out of date sick!” (Not sure how he knows this!)

James said, “Lush. Never eating bacon again – just this stuff!”  Picture 002

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