Yesterday FWD worked in groups to discuss what was on their ‘mysterious’ piece of paper. Using the images/objects on their desks they discussed what they could see and generated scientific questions/inquiries that we could follow for our Science unit-FORCES.

We used an ‘active’ approach to finding out what we all knew and what we didn’t know and wanted to know. This allowed us to ‘each one teach one’ and show each other our thoughts and share our understanding/knowledge surrounding the unit FORCES. We also mag-pied other groups suggestions, ideas and answers to develop our active thinking further.

It was a practical and fun lesson-we learnt a lot from the Speaking and Listening activity 🙂


IMG_1698[1] IMG_1714[1] IMG_1694[1] IMG_1695[1] IMG_1696[1] IMG_1714[1] IMG_1719[1] IMG_1720[1] IMG_1717[1] IMG_1715[1]


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