This week TY children flew through so many jobs it was unbelievable:

– they took mint cuttings to grow new plants to contribute to the ‘pea and mint’ soup in the autumn (hopefully!)

Picture 010

– they wrestled with newspaper to make paper pots so that they could plant Borlitho beans – hopefully Mrs Heron has got the spelling right!Picture 013


– they looked for more signs of spring. Keep your eye for signs of spring where you live!

Picture 014

– they checked out many different ways of composting: leaf mould, wormery, rotting down a concoction of pea, sheep and manure (not pleasant!), taking a look at the garden lasagne that some children  and a new German idea called something that sounds like ‘hergle-wurgle’. Actually it’s real name is a hugelkulture. Use  this link to find out more:


Picture 015

It’s hard to believe that the compost in the photo above was once leaves.

Picture 017

If you look closely you will see the worms hard at work!

Phew! They were ready for rest once they got back to school.

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