What is the Sports Premium?

The government is providing funding per annum to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and will see money going directly to Primary School Head Teachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for their children.

The School Sport Premium money is ring fenced and can only be spent on Physical Education and sport provision in school. Schools will be expected to spend the funding on improving and enhancing their provision of physical education and sport.

During 2014/2015 we received £8409.  During 2015/2016 we have been provided with £8670 to enhance our sports provision.  We have been able to build up the quality of sports in School.  Staff have completed an audit to help plan suitable CPD sessions.  Due to this children and teachers work alongside qualified coaches to improve their skills.

Sports Costing 2014 2015 2016

Ways we have been spending the money:

  • Hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified coaches to work with members of staff to develop their knowledge within specific sports.
  • Paying for the professional development opportunities in Sport for staff
  • Running or supervising competitions within the cluster.
  • Buying quality assured PE/sport equipment
  • Buying quality assured professional development modules for PE/sport
  • Providing more after school activities for pupils of all ages.
  • Providing opportunities for all children to participate in local sports festivals.
Miss Hurst – “Working alongside Grassroots has boosted my confident when teaching Gymnastics. I feel confident and comfortable to use equipment during gymnastic sessions too.”
“Magpie Sports are great! Year 1 are very competitive when showing off their new Basketball skills.  They look forward to a Tuesday afternoon and are eager to learn more with Mattie..”

Miss Lowes Year 4  – “The coaches I have worked alongside this year have been very supportive to ensure my teaching is to a high standard.  I now feel able to teach highly skilled lessons and activities.  The children are highly motivated and competitive.”

Sports timetable per Term :

During Autumn term one staff have completed a simple audit allowing them to share any support they would like to develop their teaching skills.

During Autumn Term One we have

Day Coach/Company Sport Class
Monday Magpie Sports Football Year 1
Magpie Sports Football Year 4

During Autumn Term Two we have

Day Coach/Company Sport Class
Monday Magpie Sports Cricket Year 2
  Magpie Sports Cricket Year 3


During Spring Term One we have

Day Coach/Company Sport Class
Monday Grassroots Gymnastics Year 1
Grassroots Gymnastics Year 2
Tuesday Magpie Sports Cricket Year 4
Magpie Sports Rounders/Softball Year 3


During Spring term two we have

Day Coach/Company Sport Class
Monday Grassroots Gymnastics Year 3
Grassroots Gymnastics Year 6
Tuesday Magpie Sports Basketball Year 1
Magpie Sports Team games – Throwing catching. Reception

During Summer term One we have

Day Coach/Company Sport Class
Monday Grassroots Athletics Year 4
Grassroots Athletics Year 3
Tuesday Magpie Sports Athletics Year 2
Magpie Sports Athletics Year 1

During Summer term two we have

Day Coach/Company Sport Class
Monday Grassroots TBA
Grassroots TBA
Tuesday Magpie Sports TBA
Magpie Sports TBA

Children are receiving at least 2 hours of highly skilled sports per week.  We are hoping to continue this during 2016/2017 as the children have become extremely motivated and are now confident to compete in comeptitions.

This year we have been able to set up competitions with another local school.

Date Sport Year groups
Autumn 1 Hockey KS2 Year 6
Autumn 2 Cricket KS2 Year 3
Spring 1 Gymnastics KS1 Year 2
Spring 2
Summer 1 Athletics KS2 TBC
Summer 2 TBC TBC

The children have been able to access amazing sports facilities which we do not have have access to on our school site.Despite this we were extremely luck enough to win a bid to have our own Multi Use Games Area built in our playground. This has been a lengthy progress but has a huge effect on both the teaching of sports and the structured playtimes.

Due to the exciting changes we have access to safer sports and higher quality lessons as the MUGA can be used in most weather.  Due to a new outdoor PE shed we are also able to store our equipment in a safer and drier place.





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