We have just received this amazing feedback from a lady sharing a carriage with our Y6 children who are heading down to London today for a tour of the Houses of Parliament.

We were so proud we just had to share!

Hi Andrew

I asked Laura (as I’m sitting close by) for your details. 

I have to say I’m extremely impressed by the attitude and standards displayed by all of the children from your school.

Whilst waiting for the train to depart at Newcastle central station, I asked if I could pass by the group of children on the platform (Nyle was the young man I asked).

He was so polite and has such a lovely smile.  He immediately apologised (which wasn’t warranted) and asked the other children to move forward to allow me to pass. All of the children were friendly and obliged, being very pleasant and polite.

During the journey, I have observed the children interacting with each other (as well as other passengers) they are impeccably behaved and respectful of each other,  as well as the other passengers. 

It is incredibly refreshing to see this and I think as a society we are often quick to criticise the youth of today. I have to say each and everyone of the children on the train today have been a joy and Laura and Kevin are great role models.  I’m certain they will immensely enjoy the rest of their day.

Well done High Spen and keep up the good work!



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