Today, School Leaders across Gateshead are taking the unusual step of sending out a coordinated letter to parents and carers.

School Funding Letter

The link above explains more but in short the fact individual pupil funding has not increased since 2010. Despite this, every year additional costs are passed to schools from Central and Local Government making the amount of money we have to support your children lower and lower. At High Spen we are fortunate to have a ridiculously dedicated staff and with the support of our parents and community, we remain confident in the breadth and quality we offer. However, with so many schools having already cut costs to the bone and many still having to consider reductions in provision / staffing, we felt it appropriate to support the call for families to read the attached letter and should they wish, sign the petition to force a discussion in parliament.

Not the most uplifting of posts; but perhaps together we can build pressure to get the fair funding schools need.

Mr Firth

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