Meet The Staff

Teaching Staff

We have a fabulous set of staff who are on hand to deal with any worries, regardless of size!

Foundation Stage – Nursery – Mrs Nesbitt (Early Years Coordinator & SENCO)

Foundation Stage – GD / Reception – Miss Kirkley

KS1 – Class SG / Y1 – Miss Hurst (P.E. & Healthy Schools)

KS1 – Class FN / Y2 – Mrs Lawson (History and Geography) & Mrs Coates (SMSC and School Council)

KS2 – Class MLK/Y3 – Miss Oselton

KS2 – Class FWD/Y4 – Miss Murray

KS2 – Class BR / Y5 – Miss Lowes (Music)

KS2 Class TY / Y6 – Mrs Heron (KS2 – Class TY/Y6 – Mr Cradock (English, MFL and Trainee Mentor)Deputy Head, Science and Maths)


Teaching Assistants

We also have a super set of Teaching Assistants:-

Miss Whale – EY Support

Mrs Kerridge – EY and SEN Support

Miss Clark – KS1 and KS2 Support

Mrs Newbegin – EY Support

Mrs Scott – KS1 Support and HLTA providing PPA in KS1 and KS2

Mrs Smith – SEN Support

Ms Backhouse – KS1 Support

Mrs Ward – KS2 Support

Mr Firth, Head Teacher

Oh and there’s another man called Mr Firth who can often be found in school – apparently he has the BEST job in the world!

HI ARMS Provision

We have an amazing on site provision for Deaf children (HI ARMS)

Miss Kennedy – Teacher of the deaf

Mrs Winston – HI Teaching Assistant (LINT)

Mrs Jordan – HI Teaching Assistant (LINT)

Mrs Korsan – HI Teaching Assistant (LINT)

Miss L Hall – HI Teaching Assistant (LINT)

Support Staff

School could not function without the following adults who work at High Spen:-

Mrs Robertson & Mrs Forster – Office Admin

Mr Richardson – Caretaker

Mrs Bee – School Cook

Miss Langstaff – School Meals Assistant

Mrs Cumberledge – School Meals Assistant

Mrs Chambers – Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Russell – Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Grant – Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Gregg – Mid-day Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Gray – School Cleaner

Mrs Mullis – School Crossing Patrol

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