Year 1 - St. George

Miss Hurst

Welcome to Class SG.

Our Class name is Saint George.  Our Teacher is called Miss Hurst.  Miss Bullerwell supports  in class SG every morning and Monday afternoon.

We have had a great time in class SG so far!  We are learning about Queen Victoria and how life has changed.  We have been investigating toys from Beamish Museum to help us explain how they have changed.  We had an amazing time at Beamish Open Air Museum.  We Visited the Pit Village houses and took part in a Help Clean Up session. The children were making beds, tidying the kitchen. cleaning the windows with newspaper and doing the washing outdoors!

Class SG have had some fun in Chopwell woods.  We received a letter from The Gruffallo who wanted us to go on a Autumn treasure hunt.  We read our list of treasure and returned to school. We had fun investigating these objects. We created our own simple sentences about our own treasure. You can find these in SG…come and have a peek!

Spring 1

Our new topic is Race to Space! We will be learning about spacemen and women who have ventured into space. We will then learn more about Neil Armstrong. Keep an eye on our Twitter page/feed to find out more.

We In English we will we focusing upon Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic free fall – take a look now  visit   We will be writing a recount of the event. We will be building upon on knowledge of punctuation when writing our sequenced sentences. We will be learning and using conjunctions.


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Spring 1 Newsletter 16-17

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Class Tweets

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Amazing Writing!

When we spotted Hannah in SG quietly producing this masterpiece in the writing area, we HAD to share it with the world! Simply amazing... and Y1 by the...

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Woodland Learning

                What a great end to the week - GD, SG & FN are spending today listening to stories and creating their own 'story stick' at Chopwell Wood. It was fabulous to see three classes of 4 - 7yr olds hanging on EVERY...

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What kind of school would we like?

In assembly this week we talked about the kinds of things we would want IN our school and the kind of things we want to keep OUT of our school. Some great ideas,  we soon realised we are already lucky enough to have a school with all these things inside it! The...

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Sticker Mania

How many stickers can one girl get? Mrs Fodden was SO IMPRESSED with Phoebe's hard work today... she has used up the entire year's sticker budget! Fantastic news...

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