Year 2 - Florence Nightingale

Mrs Lawson and Mrs Coates
Florence Nightingale

Our class teachers are Mrs Lawson and Mrs Coates and we also have Mrs Scott working with us each morning. Our class is named after our hero, Florence Nightingale.

We are all working really hard and trying our best to make our teachers smile everyday.

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Maths MTP Autumn 1 2018-19

Newsletter Autumn 1 2018-19


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Wonderful Weighing!

Class FN had  a wonderful time investiagating the weight of items from Mrs Lawson's cupboards.  They used scales to weigh parcels, ordered items from the lightest to heaviest, found the weight of items on their packaging, and predicted which items weighed more than or...

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Investigating Nets of a Cube

Class FN  had a problem to solve and as always they worked so hard to find the answer! They had to use polydron to investigate which shapes were actually nets of cubes.  The children had lots of fun and solved the...

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Book Week in FN

During Book Week Class FN learned about traditional tales. They read and watched an animation of Little Red Riding Hood. The children looked at the characters in the story and thought about words to describe their appearance and personality. Later in the week they got...

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Safety Week in Class FN!

During safety week, FN learned about keeping safe around school. We went on a walk and identified possible dangers and then thought of ways to keep safe. We used all our ideas to create safety posters. Mrs Lawson, Mrs Coates and Mrs Scott are very impressed by how...

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Map Work

Class FN have been looking at a map of the United Kingdom in an atlas. We looked at the UK on a world map and the children were shocked at how small it is! The children have worked hard and now know the four countries that make up the UK. Why not ask them? They also...

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FN at the HOP garden

In science, we have been learning about the different parts of plants. We decided to spend a lesson at the HOP garden and investigate plant parts while doing some useful weeding...

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FN at Kirkley Hall

As part of our topic on day and night animals, we spent a wonderful day in the sun at Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens. We saw all kinds of creatures and learned about how they are well adapted to where they live. Our whole class on the carved log.   This peacock was...

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Day and night animals

Our new topic has started! FN are brimming with ideas and enthusiasm about day and night animals. Fancy words like 'nocturnal' and 'camouflage' are flying all over the place. We're all really looking forward to our trip to Kirkley Hall!

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