Year 3 - Martin Luther King

Miss Oselton / Mrs Wang

Hello! We are class MLK and we are Year 3.

We’re a fantastic class who work hard every single day.  We are kind, caring and always look out for each other.

This year we are starting the year with Miss Oselton before Mrs Wang returns around Easter time.

We are proud to be in class MLK, which stands for Martin Luther King, a hero famous for fighting for equality.

Curriculum Information

Autumn 1 Newsletter 16-17

Autumn 1 English 16-17

Autumn 1 Maths 16-17


Spring 1 Newsletter 16-17

Spring 1 English 16-17

Spring 1 Maths 16-17

Spring 2 Newsletter 16-17

Spring 2 English 16-17

Spring 2 Maths 16-17

Summer 1 Newsletter 16-17

Summer 1 English 16-17

Summer 1 Maths 16-17

Summer 2 Newsletter 16-17

Summer 2 English 16-17

Summer 2 Maths 16-17










Class Tweets

Class Blog

FWD and MLK active learning-Groovy Greeks

As part of our topic the "Groovy Greeks" MLK and FWD met up to see what each class had been up to. We spent time playing "Each One Teach One", we  shared our top tip facts/knowledge with someone from the opposite class. This was such a success we loved...

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Our hard work in summer term!

Take a look at our hard work this term in all our subjects.

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MLK at the Hancock by Jack

Last week me and my class went to the Hancock Museum. My favourite part of the trip was the planetarium because I enjoyed learning about the Earth, Moon and  Sun.  I also enjoyed seeing the dinosaur sculls.  They were HUGE! I loved learning more about the Stone Age as...

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Excellent Emily!

We were SO PROUD of the work Emily did when asked to think about the feelings of different characters in Fantastic Mr Fox... we thought we'd share it with the world! Emily's Character...

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