Year 3 - MLK

Miss Murray
Martin Luther King

Hello! We are class MLK and we are Year 3.

We are proud to be in class MLK, which stands for Martin Luther King, a hero famous for fighting for equality.  In our class, we are kind, caring and always look out for each other. We always put in our best effort and persevere even if we finds things tricky!

This year we have Miss Murray as our class teacher.  Our main topics are The Anglo Saxons, The Greeks and Our Local Area. We have lots of fun things planned this year including trips, special visitors and much more so watch this space! Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for the most recent updates and pictures of what we are getting up to.

Curriculum Information

Maths MTP Autumn 1 2018-19

English MTP Autumn 1 2018-19

Newsletter Autumn 1 2018-19

Newsletter Autumn 2 2018-19

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Class Tweets

Class Blog

What kind of school would we like?

In assembly this week we talked about the kinds of things we would want IN our school and the kind of things we want to keep OUT of our school. Some great ideas,  we soon realised we are already lucky enough to have a school with all these things inside it! The...

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Welcome to class Martin Luther King

We are class MLK and we are the best! We are all friends, we always work hard and we have the best smiles. Look at our picture for proof! We have 26 people in our class and there are more boys than girls. Mrs Wang is our teacher and sometimes Ms Winston helps us. We...

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Mrs Wang – Class Teacher – Martin Luther King

Hobbies Mrs Wang likes trying new things and loves archery. Family Mrs Wang has a husband and her dog is her family too. Her parents live in Hong Kong . Interesting fact I have done a bungee jump before. Pets Mrs Wang has a dog a gerbil a kitten a fish and rabbits...

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