Year 6 - Thomas Young

Mr Cradock

We are Class TY or Thomas Young (named after a local hero from the First World War)

We are a Year 6 class (the oldest in our school). There are 21 of us altogether and as our school motto says we try hard to look out for each other.  Many of us our Helping Hands; we enjoy helping out and doing our bit around school especially with the younger ones!

Our Class Teacher is the young, talented and charismatic Mr Cradock. However, there are several other people who work with us during the week.

The fabulous Mrs Simpson teaches us all day on Thursday and Mr Mason has the pleasure on a Monday afternoon.

The wonderful Mrs Ward works with us for the first part of every morning.

Curriculum Information

Autumn 1 Newsletter 16-17

Autumn 1 English 16-17

Autumn 1 Maths 16-17

Autumn 2 English 16-17

Autumn 2 Maths 16-17

Spring 1 Newsletter 16-17

Spring 1 English 16-17

Spring 1 Maths 16-17

Spring 2 English 16-17

Spring 2 Maths 16-17

Summer 1 Newsletter 16-17

Summer 1 English 16-17

Summer 1 Maths 16-17

Summer 2 Newsletter 16-17

Summer 2 English 16-17

Summer 2 Maths 16-17

Class Tweets

Class Blog

Y6 Calligraphy Masters

Y6 Calligraphy Masters After picking up new skills from our visiting artist on Monday, Y6 teamed up with friends in Y3 to pass on the wisdom. Top Role Models!  

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Guiness World Record!

We now have official confirmation that our Y5/6 class of 2013-14 took part in a Guiness World Record which was successful. On 9th July 2014 class TY took part in a maths treasure hunt on the Quayside with the largest amount of participants. We received this...

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What did TY get up to on World Book Day?

World Book Day 2015 was something that gave children in TY the chance to research their favourite authors. Click on the links below to find out who they researched: TY WBD Lucas TY WBD James TY WBD Holly TY WBD Ebony They also spent some time turning the opening of a...

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Victorian Food made by TY

On Friday afternoon, TY made gruel. These were some of the comments: Lucas said, "Tasty! Only if I made it, it would be without as much salt." Mr Firth said , "Saltier than a salty lump with extra salt ." Brooke Dodds said , "Not bad but don't add salt !"   Joe Horn...

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Safety week in TY

The first week back in 2015 saw us thinking about safety in our local area within the school grounds. As part of this we worked with Ms Simpson to sketch bird's eye view maps of our local area locating the dangers that were around us. From this we then discussed many...

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Young Mathematician’s Award 2014

Congratulations to our fabulous four - Marianne, Lucas, Brody and Joe - who represented school at this year's Young Mathematician's Award. Not only did they get through to Round two and not only were they the highest scoring team on the day but they were also the...

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