Looking out for each other is key at High Spen Primary. This section of our website holds key information around safeguarding.

All adults in school hold a responsibility to keep children and other adults safe from harm. We have a simple saying in school ‘Don’t go home with a niggle!’ We believe the best way to maintain a safe environment for our children is to share observations / concerns with another member of staff, no matter how small. Concerns are shared in absolute confidence and quickly passed on to one of our two Designated Teachers – Mr Firth or Mrs Heron.

We have recently bought in the support of Clennell Education Solutions who will now be delivering our staff and Governor safeguarding training as well as helping us absorb and implement any new national guidelines.

Our current Child Protection Policy can be viewed here.

Following recent training with Martin Bailey, Director of Animate 2 Educate, our Governors will be meeting to discuss the adoption of a High Spen hybrid of his model Online Safety and Acceptable Use Policy.If you have any thoughts on this draft policy please speak to Mr Firth before April 7th 2017.

Parents and Carers may also be interested in the following document. Part 1 of Keeping Children Safe in Education is used in school as guidance for all staff. The following electronic version has hyperlinks to further information on a whole range of safeguarding issues.

KCSIE Part 1

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